IX Web Hosting Review

Paying more than I have to is something I really hate. If I can save some money and get the same service of course I will do that. But the problem is that the money you save is often not worth the extra downtime and problems that you might encounter. So now when I search for a web hosting plan I like to research what people say about them before just shopping for a price. What’s more, I learned the hard way that you have to read the feature set very precisely otherwise you can be in for a nasty surprise when you find you can’t do what you wanted to do.

IX Web Hosting has a bit of a mixed reputation online and I wasn’t sure if I’d go for it but after looking at their feature set I decided I might as well give it a go. The main selling point for me was the unlimited domains, data transfer and web space offered even with the most basic plan. However, this offer must always be balanced against the risk of overselling, and with IX Web Hosting I found that this was an issue. My site was sometimes slow to respond and I did worry that I might have missed out on some visits due to that.

In terms of reliability there was a similar concern, in that my site suffered a few bits of downtime, sometimes lasting more than 5 or 6 hours and frankly this really grated on me and I doubt whether in the future I’d come back. The story was the same even after a number of upgrades I was told about by IX Web Hosting and it made me think that upgrade just meant – broken in another way.

With such problems it might come as no surprise that their support staff are courteous and efficient at all times – I expect they get a lot of traffic! That said, I did get the feeling that they always responded quickly and tried to help me and often did.

All of this came at a fantastically low price and so I did sort of expect some of the problems I encountered but I didn’t expect perhaps this low level of service. I’d advise people to steer clear of IX Web Hosting in the future until they clean up their act. Yes they might be cheap, but you have to remember that you get what you pay for.

Reduce Your Annual Rates for Web Hosting

A web presence is a must for anyone engaged in any kind of business or profession where a flow of clientele is necessary for growth. Costs have to be controlled and maximum returns ensured in all business operations; and when one considers web hosting, it is also an investment that needs to be optimized. Keeping a few points in mind will ensure you spend less and get maximum returns from your website.

  • Have a domain registered in your company name. Costs are pretty uniform but some web hosts could retain control of your domain name while registering and also charge you more. It is wise to check domain name registration costs and if a five year package at a reduced price is available, go for it.
  • As far as hosting is concerned, one has multiple options. There are Linux-based servers as also Windows-based ones. Linux offers lower costs. Sometimes there are software packages that are included, which may not be needed. Negotiate for only the packages you need. For blogs and similar applications, try to obtain and use software that is free. Hosting can be shared, VPS web hosting or dedicated server hosting depending on the website you are running. Consider the pros and cons of each type of hosting service and take only that which is optimal for the present state of your website and business and traffic. As it grows, there should be options of extra space and bandwidth offered by the host.
  • There is little sense in going in for dedicated server hosting when your business does not need it currently. A web hosting service that is flexible and adaptable to your growing needs is the one to select. One can start with shared hosting, go in for VPS web hosting and then a dedicated server hosting as business and traffic to website increase. When business does increase to justify a dedicated server hosting you can consider having your own server.
  • Before selecting the hosting service provider carry out a search, read reviews and dissect the package and terms carefully to get the best offer in terms of space and bandwidth. Consider their servers, the type of connection to the backbone, the uptime and similar vital factors too.
  • Plan and design your website to be optimal and to load fast. Compress images, for certain sections, where deemed appropriate, you may consider restricting access through registration and so control the bandwidth usage and reduce your annualized costs.
  • Consider some ads on your page (Google AdSense for example), which will generate revenue for you.
  • Negotiate for free advertising of your website and products on trade sites and thus generate traffic and revenue and recoup your costs.
  • Most web hosting permit only one domain per host but if you select a multiple domain hosting service and if you have several domains, all these can be hosted on a single hosting service significantly reducing costs.

As business grows and needs grow, so do costs; hence, it is necessary to start out with a well-planned and managed budget, with a crystal clear idea of what you want from your website and where you are headed.