5 Vital Features Of Best Rated Web Hosting

Every day you see a new service offering a hot package with an incredible price. Also, you might have read and heard lots of stories about some scam companies, but you can´t really find out the reasons. Well, the point is that you don´t need to know about every single hosting provider out there. You should discover the vital features of a best rated web hosting. Then, it will be much easier for you to find the desired service.

So, before ordering any package, try to learn the main benefits of a top rated company. The following features may help you get the whole picture in this case.

5 Vital Features Of a Best Rated Web Hosting :

Actually, these benefits are the most important ones. If you find a provider that offers these features, then it will be much easier for you to make a better decision. Of course, there might be some other points, as well. Take them into account, too!

1. Domain :

Maybe the most important feature of a best rated host service is the ability of hosting unlimited domain names. Always, check if the company allows you to host unlimited domain names on your account! It would be both easier and cheaper for you. Do you think it would be a great idea to pay a monthly fee for hosting every single domain name? I don´t think so!

Besides, some companies offer one FREE domain name for life meaning that you can register and host your desired domain name forever without paying the domain price. So, hosting unlimited domains and getting a FREE domain name for life are the most vital features of a top-rated plan.

2. Space :

The second benefit of a best web hosting plan is the high disk storage and transfer/bandwidth. You don´t need to know everything about disk space and bandwidth issues. It is too specific. You only need to know some figures. Simply, try to get a hosting account that offers high disk space storage! The more space you have on your hosting account, the more files you will be able to upload on your server. Basically, the disk space depends on your actual needs, but normally, it should be more than 500 GB (Gigabytes) at the moment.

Moreover, the transfer or monthly bandwidth should also be high meaning that you will have higher capacity of the amount of traffic that is allowed to occur between your website and the rest of the Internet. It also depends on your future website traffic, but normally, it should be more than 5,000 GB of monthly bandwidth.

3. Setup :

A reliable plan offers FREE setup meaning that you don´t need to pay any extra or hidden fees to install and activate your hosting account. It is too ridiculous if a company charges you for setting up your web hosting package. The plan should also include the most important features of software, script and e-commerce features such as CGI-BIN, PHP 4 & 5 Support, Perl Support, MySQL Database, PayPal Support and so on.

4. Support :

A top rated hosting service should offer FREE 24/7 support. No matter you can reach them by phone or e-mail; the point is that they should be available round the clock for giving you the needed support. Some hosting companies are always unavailable or don´t offer FREE support. Take it into account; because you will definitely need some help if you get stuck with your hosting issues. So, don´t underestimate it!

5. Guarantee :

Basically, there are 2 types of guarantees that many best rated web hosting companies offer. One of them is the Uptime Guarantee and it is about 99.9% in most cases. The other one is the Money-Back Guarantee and it is usually applicable within 30 days. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee means that the provider will strive to achieve that level of uptime and if your site downtime is more than the determined amount, the company will compensate you. Normally, most of companies offer this feature; but it is still important to know.

A 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee is another vital feature of a reliable service. If you are not satisfied with that hosting plan, you will have the right to request a refund and get all your money back. So, don´t overlook this feature. The low-quality or scam services never offer this feature!

Next time, before ordering any web hosting account, consider the above-mentioned features! It is brilliant if the service offer other extra features such as FREE Site Builders, FREE Promotional Coupons, etc. But first of all, check if that hosting package includes the vital features or not! A best rated company always tries to offer the mentioned features to its customers.

Discount Web Hosting – Using Bluehost’s Free Video Tutorials to Achieve Your Site Goals

While many web hosting companies offer support and assistance through phone, forums or web chat, few offer a comprehensive video library to help you learn about nearly every aspect of your hosting account and features. Bluehost offers a large collection of videos on YouTube to help you implement new features on your website and maximize the benefits of their hosting services.

Topics discussed in the video collection include beginner tutorials, such as using cPanel or installing scripts with SimpleScripts, and more advanced topics, such as search engine optimization and page rank improvement. This makes it easy for any site administrator to create powerful content and improve the efficiency of their website. By providing the information in a video format, you can follow along at your own pace while enjoying in-depth views of the entire process or topic being discussed.

The newest series of videos available for viewing is a seven-part tutorial on installing and using WordPress. These guides cover everything from the initial installation and account creation to optimizing your themes and content for browsing and ranking within search engines. What could take thousands of words and pictures to explain is explained clearly in a short series of videos that are perfect for novices, yet still maintain value for advanced users as well.

Other topics covered by the video tutorial library include email account creation, FTP account creation, search engine optimization, setting up email forwarders, traffic generation, email filters and e-commerce site creation. Best of all, these guides are available to anyone. You do not have to be a client of their web hosting services to enjoy the benefits these videos have to offer. Of course, some of the videos are specific to software or interfaces exclusive to Bluehost. However, many of the videos are about common topics and themes in web hosting and site creation.

When used in conjunction with a hosting account, these videos help to clear up much of the confusion about web hosting, site creation and site administration. Many of the videos offer additional resources to explore for further clarification and information as well. With so much information available on Internet marketing, web design, web hosting and site creation, it is easy to get lost in the details and become confused or frustrated. These videos are a great way to cut through the massive amounts of information available and obtain clear, concise instruction from a reliable source.