Web Hosting Ratings – Asking the Right Questions

When viewing sites that feature web hosting ratings, you need to ask many questions with the most important question being; which provider is the best value for your business needs. I’m not speaking of this theoretically, I’m saying pick up the phone and ask some hard questions of your prospective web host: how long they have been in business, how many sites are they currently hosting, how do they provide support to their customers. Ask if they have a dedicated customer service department that is available 24-hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, 365-days-a-year. If they don’t have a toll-free number for you to call to find out this information, forget about them. Any good hosting company worth their salt will allow their customers to call them without charge if they are having technical difficulties.

Web hosting ratings should tell you how long the hosting company has been in business for, but this is not always the case. Industry insiders say to avoid host companies that have been in the hosting business for less than two years. Anyone who has been a host for less time than this does not have a fully-established record of response times to their customer’s technical issues for you to examine.

When you are checking out web hosting ratings, a key feature you need to examine is how the hosting company keeps your own and your customer’s data safe. Many businesses have e-mail lists that collect customer data such as names and e-mail addresses, or your company might have online credit card processing. When you are speaking to the hosting company about their technical support expertise, addressing data security concerns at that time as well would be highly appropriate.

Another question that web hosting ratings should address is whether or not the company requires a set up fee to get you up and running. What seems to be a great deal on hosting can suddenly lose its luster when you work a hefty set up fee into the month hosting costs. Speaking of monthly, your hosting contract should be month-to-month only. Don’t get locked into a long term contract to save money, because if the hosting service lets you down, it can be next to impossible to get out of your contract with them. It’s much better to keep a level playing field by only signing up for hosting services one month at-a-time. This keeps the hosting company honest, and much more likely to try to keep you happy and as their customer for as long as possible.

Why Do You Need Web Hosting? Know About Top Web Hosting Companies

Web Hosting is essential for everyone who desires to put their websites live on the World Wide Web. Once you have hosted your website online, anyone across the world can view it from their remote computers with an internet connection. As a matter of fact, more than thirty thousand websites go live on the web every day.

You can host a website for personal use like blogs or student websites, or you can market your company or business over the web by putting your services online on your website. Statistics have proven that the internet is home to a huge population from around the globe, and hence companies are trying to tap this resource to reach out to more potential customers on the web.

If you want to own a website of your own you need to develop one first and then host it on the web. Creating and maintaining a website costs you very less these days. If you know the basics of web-design and web-development, you can build a website yourself. Or you can hire web developers or designers to build a website for your company.

If you are new to web development you can use the WordPress publishing platform which is available for free, and is used by millions of people to publish their blogs and websites. It supports PHP for scripting language and MySQL for database. It is very easy to host a website with the help of the WordPress platform.

Now before you contact top web hosting companies for purchasing a package or a plan, you must first decide on the budget of your website and the amount of data you are going to upload on it. If you are looking for hosting a blog for personal use, you might not need an extravagant web hosting package that gives you unlimited web space, numerous sub-domains and web emails. They will unnecessarily cost you more and you will not end up using half the resources that the company offers in your package.

There are many web hosting companies on the web, and so you should take some time and search for companies that give you the right package deal. Another thing you should look at is the scripting languages and databases that your web host supports. If you are designing your website in a language that your web host does not support it is but useless.

So, it is better you clear off all your queries regarding support and maintenance with them beforehand. You should also note their customer support policy. Many of the web-hosting companies provide 24×7 customer support over the web, which will be very useful for you in the development phase.

5 Benefits Of Choosing WordPress Themes In Your Web Hosting

The Internet may not be an actual location, but it is still a culture with its set of accepted norms. One such norm that has really made a difference in the way that sites look and operate is that of WordPress themes. If you’re looking for web hosting, and you find a service that cannot support WordPress themes, then it’s probably best to turn and run. WordPress has become the standard for a pleasant reading and viewing experience. What once was a blog only aesthetic has turned into a whole method of operation for many popular web pages around the globe. Why is this format so popular? Probably because of its amazing benefits.

Quality websites built by dummies. Okay, maybe not dummies, but you get the point. WordPress makes it easy for those with very limited knowledge to step in to page building on day one and finish their work with some quality pages they can be proud of. Through a combination of easy to follow text formatting procedures and photo integration, a web page can have color and intelligence from day one.

Full customization available. Not every person who steps behind WordPress is a dummy. Some users work great with HTML programming language and are capable of creating something more unique and customized than the standard template allows. If you fit into this category, you do not have to be a slave to the cut and dry formatting. You can switch over to HTML mode with the click of a button and work your magic.

The ability to distinguish your posts. When you create a post for a WordPress site or blog, you do not have to worry about it getting lost in the shuffle. Through deep linking, tagging, and search functions, users can always recall the posts from days gone by.

Reader appreciation. Sites created using this format are often some of the most pleasurable to view on the entire Internet. And since most sites are using this style today anyway, you’re earning trust and respect in your own little way.

Author management features. Most successful blogs employ different voices in the creation of content. This keeps things from feeling too lopsided or stagnant. Authors have their needs, too. One of the best features of WordPress is that an author can manage unwritten assignments with previously published. This allows him to know what’s on the horizon, and it gives him easy access to show off his samples to other potential employers.

Web hosting that supports these themes is the kind that you want in your corner because it shows that the company managing your site is forward thinking and aware of the trends. And when it comes to the Internet, you always want to have your eyes on the road ahead.