Top 10 – Web Hosting Service Providers

These Ratings are determined on

1.How many people use this services and how happy they are with it.

2.The Rates and Services included

3.Server up time and Maintenance Problems

4.Reviews from websites such as,,,

5.The past Records of the service providers counts too

6.Free services like free domain name schemes to just sell the hosting are NOT counted




#4.Yahoo Web Hosting


#6.IX WebHosting





Note – We have selected / reviewed 10 best web hosting companies from some of the world top webhosting companies. All the hosting services we reviewed are reliable web hosting company supporting Apache, Python, PHP 4 or 5, MySQL 4, Microsoft FrontPage extension and email (including webmail). Most runs on Linux and Windows.

Web Hosting services is a very competitive industry, some hosts are giving very cheap web hosting rate (as low as $4.95! ), including reduced first year fee, free months, discount coupon, free fist year, rebate and etc. You can easily find a very cheap hosting from $4~$10 per month.

Listing below are the best web hosting services support PHP, MySQL, Python, FrontPage web hosting and almost all of it are linux web hosting. Web hosting companies has been selected based on popularity, performance, feature, support quality and price. Higher rating hosting are usually has better feature over price ratio. All hosting plan below can host any domain name including .com, .org, .net,,, .tv, .ws ,,, .it and etc. and etc.

cPanel Web Hosting Packages – The Finest Web Hosting Solutions

What is cPanel?

If you are about to set up your new website on Linux or UNIX, you must make sure that your Linux website hosting plan includes the cPanel control panel. This website hosting package is popularly called the cPanel web hosting package and arguably is the world’s most-used web hosting package. The cPanel hosting package is so popular globally, is simply because of the very powerful control panel it uses — the cPanel, easily the best and the easiest website management tool available at present. It is so easy that any inexperienced user can easily use it like a seasoned professional within a few days, if not in hours!

This is the reason that the cPanel hosting packages are so greatly popular world over. The cPanel that is included in the package can help anyone create, manage, and administer websites and databases associated with the sites with extreme ease. The cPanel control panel is a graphical user interface (GUI) that is also greatly automated to help manage almost every aspect of web hosting for all its users. There are plenty of free or affordable add-ons available to make cPanel hosting more powerful and very cost-effective website hosting solution.

The advent of cPanel control panel and the availability of the complete cPanel web hosting packages began a new era in the field of website hosting. Before cPanel was created by its capable programmers with vision to change the way web hosting tasks were performed, creating a good website, publishing it online, and maintaining and modifying it meant hiring many web experts to perform those tasks, like coding the site’s innumerable functionalities, testing those codes to check for the presence of any bugs, creating a suitable environment on the site to upload and manage the website themes, adding more tools and applications so that the website was able to perform better, and so on. All these tasks were difficult to create before the arrival of cPanel, and the further management of the site was still beyond the scope of a website owner.

All the functions and features of easily managing or administering the site was never as easy as it is now, thanks to the advent of the cPanel control panel, and all the additional power-packed features that are offered by the complete cPanel hosting packages. The tools and applications included in the cPanel web hosting packages are constantly upgraded to suit the new inventions and innovations that are constantly introduced to make web hosting more efficient for the users. Furthermore, the cPanel web hosting packages are easily the most affordable yet very secure and stable hosting packages that are presently available anywhere.

The cPanel web hosting package allows its users to easily perform many tasks, such as: Managing domains (adding new domains as add-on domains, parked domains, and sub domains, and efficiently managing those domains), redirecting URLs, creating and managing MySQL databases, editing DNS zones, managing web mail accounts, managing files on the site, creating special web pages like the error-page, managing passwords, using the FTP, password-protecting files, IP management, getting important web statistics, backing up sites, managing Cron jobs, and so on.

Automatically installing website scripts like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, e-commerce applications, installing discussion boards like phpBB, managing the mailing lists, and other tasks are easily performed using the Fantastico tools included with the cPanel web hosting packages. Needless to say, creating and maintaining blogs has become very easy, and so has creating and managing mailing list and using auto responder to effortlessly manage your contact list. All the necessary tools and applications to manage your entire site are located in one place under the cPanel control panel. The cPanel also ensure security of your sites. All these professional-quality web features are available at a very affordable price with the cPanel web hosting package.

There are simply too many advanced features included with the cPanel web hosting packages to mention all of them here, and the entire package is scalable so that you can easily add more add-ons and features later on. These affordable, scalable, and powerful cPanel web hosting packages are easily the best hosting solutions if one is hosting a single site or even hosting multiple sites. The administration and management of the sites based on cPanel are the easiest compared to all the major web hosting solutions. Hence, it is also considered as world’s finest web hosting solutions.

Sorting Out the Best and Fastest Connection Through Budget Web Hosting

Budget web hosting has become the rage anywhere. Even an ordinary Joe uses a web hosting service to connect his website to the outside world to do business or socialize.

There was a time when web hosts used to charge a pretty penny for their servers to anyone interested enough in getting their websites online. Fortunately, that is not the case anymore as many designers can now find very affordable, often cheap web hosting services to plug in.

However, caveat emptor applies to this segment as with other businesses in the web. The popularity of budget web hosting has attracted less scrupulous players out to make a quick buck. With the proliferation of these cheap hosting services now clogging a very dense market, the challenge now is how to find a web hosting plan that will give you the perks without the minuses at a reasonably tumbled down price.

First of all, budget web hosting does not mean a compromise in quality. If you’re on the lookout for an affordable hosting plan, the first thing to remember is that unlimited is usually just that, a very attractive yet highly dubious come-on tag. Unlimited especially on a bandwidth may sound like the bees knees deal, but if you plan for a lot of traffic, unlimited plans may cause you problems later on.

Check out what a host offers compared with other hosts that are about the same price. Nevertheless, if they offer more than the average cheap plan, then better start running because that’s probably a scam. Some web hosts rent servers and sell cheap web hosting plans. But if you pay 1 or 2 dollars a month then don’t expect a very high level of support from your web host.

Rating scores and comments from users may also come in handy if you’re looking to sign up with a host you’re interested in. And since you’re looking for that extra peace of mind, a hosting assured status should mean that your host will abide by a code of ethics; that you can ask and expect help if a problem ever comes up.

However, do expect the minuses to happen, and they do happen a lot. First of all, expect a potentially lower reliability in your connection. A hosting budget plan usually means you will probably be on the same server with as many as 500 other websites.

Also, expect a quality service from your web hosting service provider. A 1-dollar or 2 dollars a month, a budget hosting plan doesn’t mean that the hosting company will give you a very high level of support if you need one. They’ll probably give you support but if you have a very important website and support is important, then you should probably look at a more expensive plan than what you’re currently paying.