Discount Web Hosting – Using Bluehost’s Free Video Tutorials to Achieve Your Site Goals

While many web hosting companies offer support and assistance through phone, forums or web chat, few offer a comprehensive video library to help you learn about nearly every aspect of your hosting account and features. Bluehost offers a large collection of videos on YouTube to help you implement new features on your website and maximize the benefits of their hosting services.

Topics discussed in the video collection include beginner tutorials, such as using cPanel or installing scripts with SimpleScripts, and more advanced topics, such as search engine optimization and page rank improvement. This makes it easy for any site administrator to create powerful content and improve the efficiency of their website. By providing the information in a video format, you can follow along at your own pace while enjoying in-depth views of the entire process or topic being discussed.

The newest series of videos available for viewing is a seven-part tutorial on installing and using WordPress. These guides cover everything from the initial installation and account creation to optimizing your themes and content for browsing and ranking within search engines. What could take thousands of words and pictures to explain is explained clearly in a short series of videos that are perfect for novices, yet still maintain value for advanced users as well.

Other topics covered by the video tutorial library include email account creation, FTP account creation, search engine optimization, setting up email forwarders, traffic generation, email filters and e-commerce site creation. Best of all, these guides are available to anyone. You do not have to be a client of their web hosting services to enjoy the benefits these videos have to offer. Of course, some of the videos are specific to software or interfaces exclusive to Bluehost. However, many of the videos are about common topics and themes in web hosting and site creation.

When used in conjunction with a hosting account, these videos help to clear up much of the confusion about web hosting, site creation and site administration. Many of the videos offer additional resources to explore for further clarification and information as well. With so much information available on Internet marketing, web design, web hosting and site creation, it is easy to get lost in the details and become confused or frustrated. These videos are a great way to cut through the massive amounts of information available and obtain clear, concise instruction from a reliable source.

Best Rated Web Hosting

Here are the top five web hosting sites according to well known web masters who have been transacting with various web hosting companies for years. This review is intended to help other webmasters who want to have the right and suitable choice for website hosting services. The review is based according to reliability or uptime, cost of the web hosting service, customer support quality and effectiveness. So here are the web hosting companies arranged according to overall ratings and a brief introduction of each:

1. Apollo Hosting has a rating of 5 out of 5 according to web masters and rated as the top 1.

Apollo Hosting is a very reputable company that has been established for quite some time now. It has competitive prices for its web hosting services package with low fees on setup. It has a lot of features and resources. A client can also avail of its multiple websites with just one account to maintain all of it. It also provides either Windows or Linux based hosting. Their customer service is quite good providing a live chat feature which is available 24/7. The company also provides a 30 day money back guarantee.

Apollo’s greatest advantage over the other web hosting companies is its built-in features. They are now offering their budget priced plan which is called “Value” at a fair price of $6.96 per month and a 2 year contract.

2. Infinity Host has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. It is currently top rated at number 2.

For the consumer who is on a tight budget, Infinity Host offers very good hosting services. They offer their Budget VPS plans as one of their hosting packages. It is quite different from the other companies hosting plans, their shared hosting boast of a very high security feature.

Infinity host offers their clients allocated resources so as not to be slowed down by other sites hosted on the same server who try to steal most of the processor time, memory and bandwidth. They also offer a separate “sendmail” process so that bouncing of email is prevented.

Almost all of the hosting companies offer the usual shared hosting while Infinity offers the VPS on their budget plans which is pretty impressive – providing cost effective plans with a state-of-the-art hosting services.

3. At number 3 is with a rating of 4 out 5. was formerly known as Interland. They offer a DIY hosting which comprises basic hosting with marketing and shopping cart support. Their first website plan is a standard hosting solution with the same price with other hosting companies. This plan is well suited for personal or hobby sites. They also offer a pricey plan with unlimited transfer. has a vast online library which provides quick and immediate support. They also have their phone and chat services for those who need more step-by-step instructions.

4. ANHosting has a rating of 4 out of 5.

ANHosting offers a cheap hosting plan but you have to bear the long time it takes to sign-up. Their best offer is the plan with a large storage although this plan may be well suited for those tech-savvy people who only want a simple storefront.

5. The last is

This hosting company promises that it can host unlimited domains with a single account. They have 24/7 phone support, and has a drag and drop website builder.

It is not suitable for people looking for extensive ecommerce site because it only offers one plan in which upgrades are never supported.

Finding the Best Web Hosting Companies How To’s

Finding the best web hosting companies may not be as easy nor as complicated as you have expected. However, if your goal is have the best, this process could be very tedious. Practicality and understanding what you really need is your guide to start. Various web hosting companies suggests better hosting services and plans compared to others. In relation to that, we have enlisted some considerations that you must look into when looking forward in finding the best web hosting companies.

1. Put into consideration the type of website are you planning to have and what are your needs? Before jumping into finding the best web hosting companies, you need to make a plan first. Decide the things that you are going to need. If you’re planning to have only one site that do don’t need a lot of space, then you should settle for a low-priced hosting plan. On the other hand, if your website has a lot of contents, takes a lot of space and currently gets huge traffic, then you should go for a pricier web hosting plans which provides ample or even limitless amount of bandwidth and disk space.

2. The best web hosting companies have good and efficient customer support that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Later on your website development, there are tendencies of encountering problems. Regardless of how good the web hosting company might be, certain possibilities that some problems may occur. Therefore, a web hosting company that can aid its customers anytime is the best.

3. The best web hosting companies provides reliable and high speed hosting services. There are lots of companies out there that offer 99.9% up-time. When they guarantee you with this service, then that company is certain that you’re website is up, running, and available to the public all the time. With reliable and fast hosting services, your customer will be able to access your site faster. This is actually on of the main factors to encourage more traffic within your website.

4. Bandwidth and Huge Disk Space Service are also the factors when selecting the best web hosting companies. As your website grows, you will need more bandwidth. So make sure that your hosting company offers expandable bandwidth and disk space at affordable hosting plans. If you think your website is growing rapidly, then you should consider getting a more expensive hosting plan that has higher or unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

5. Price is one of the major factors when selecting a hosting company. In order to have the best service and affordable price, compare the web hosting companies. Check out their plans – the service covered and the price. Enlist only the most popular and top rated companies to reduce the choices. Compare them and select the best one that suites your needs.

You have now the must have things to consider when selecting the best web hosting company. Now you are just a step away. Identify your needs and choose wisely!