Web Host Ratings to Consider

Web host ratings to provide information on which hosting company to use are great for decision making. Let’s examine a few of the web host companies that are out there and see how they measure up in our ratings here. First, let’s look at a web host company known as BlueHost in this ratings article; what these guys have to offer is mountains of disk space and bandwidth, usually much more than clients need, even for heavily trafficked commercial sites.

Of course, with the amount of space allowing for the ability to host unlimited domains and sub-domains, this provides the flexibility needed to allow for growth, should you decide to expand your online empire. If you are into e-commerce, you’ll find that this service provider offers just about every programming add on option available, PHP, Perl, Angora and Ruby on Rails just to name a few of them.

The next website host we’ll look at in our ratings will be Lunarpages. What do these guys have to offer? Well, for one thing that sparks interest, they offer free domain for life – that’s right, I said it. Along with this, they also offer unlimited add-on domains, and an unlimited number of MySQL databases on each one of their web hosting plans. They also offer Fantastico, containing 37 of the most commonly used scripts – these all can be auto-installed through the use of their control panel that’s offered to users of this web host. Ratings information like this just seems unbeatable.

The basic plan that they offer is less than $7 per month, which is great, considering you get unlimited disk space and unlimited data transfer bandwidth each month for your money. Their free domain for life stands as long as you stay with their services, and they offer a 30 day money back guarantee to top it all off. So, who do we compare next in our ratings of web host providers?

Let’s look at Host Monster. This web host provider offers network monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They also offer setup and your first domain name for free, with unlimited disk space and unlimited data transfer bandwidth for less than $6 per month. This is a more than competitive price in these ratings, especially since they also often offer discounts on top of this. This web host company currently hosts over 270,000 domains to date, and is among the leading companies in this industry.