Web Hosting Companies – Security Alert!

Marketing, the sector that has undergone a sparingly radical transformation lately, has improved as no other sector in the business industry and has equally helped its co-sectors expand too. Many business houses that should have otherwise collapsed has survived and cherished because of adopting marketing approach. It helps companies getting introduced to the world in a better way. In fact, these days marketing is the most imperative part in the business industry. But it’s not necessary that a product shall satisfy you as promised in the TV ads. Similarly, many web hosting companies claim to give services of the highest degree, but actually they don’t.

Nobody claims that their product or service is below the mark. Advertisements just give you an idea about what the product might be and the best way to understand the product is by experiencing it. Though it is not possible to taste every apple, you can use other methods to find the best hosting company.

The web is a sparingly vulnerable region. Factually speaking, most of the thefts and illegal crimes are found being committed online today. Hackers, Crackers, Black Hats, etc., are designations assigned to people who are an expert in computer technologies and responsible for these prosecutable actions that can put your business in jeopardy. Security is thus the prime concern if you are opting for web related facilities. And, instead of going for web hosting companies who are just boasting to offer the ace-level security systems, look for the following excerpts by yourself and prove:

Server Room

How a server room is getting maintained by a host is a question you should first ask. A reputed host spends very lavishly when it comes to maintaining the server room. State-of-the-art technologies as fingerprint door locks and temperature controlling equipment gets installed on specific server rooms.

To limit access even more, Biometrics or RFID card recognition systems get used whose authority is given to specific people only. CCTV surveillance cameras monitoring the server room 24×7 get installed by quality web hosting companies.

If you find these arrangements on your service provider, move on to find the availability next point.


Defined as software that prevents unauthorized access to your system or network, firewalls are essential tools of security. Only those web hosting companies who employees skilled professionals working regularly to devise new ways and technologies to deploy threats are those who will be able to protect your data well.

A multiple-layer security designed firewall is more preferred than static firewall systems. Multiple levels confuse hackers and they find it difficult to gain access to the main system. There are companies who boast of giving the best security systems that will prevent infiltrators gaining access even to the first tier security level.

Those web hosting companies which offer multiple-layered security system are preferable.

Private and Virtual Racks

Selecting the type of racks depends on your business size.

Private racks resemble rows of racks of server after server that is vulnerable. Ask your host if he can give extra protection through segregating or partitioned walls.

Virtual Racks are Servers that come with hard-wired firewalls and back-up facilities and can keep up many sensitive data as bank account passwords and numbers.

SSL certified

Short for Secure Sockets Layer; SSL is a cryptographic protocol that encrypts your information during communication over the Internet. Make sure to go for only those web hosting companies that have this certification.

Analog Security

A 100% uptime guarantee is the call of the day. Gone are the days of analog technology when things were of snail-speed. Use of fiber optic cables has enabled connectivity to gain the speed of light.

So even if a hurricane blows off electricity on your region, eminent web hosting companies must have substitute measures to keep up your greatest uptime at any cost.

It is, therefore, suggested keeping your eyes and ears open while looking for the best hosting company.